We believe in conscious consumption and in industrial and production processes that have a lower impact on our environment. We value good environmental practices throughout the production chain. Our Eco-Frendly articles use materials such as Rhodia® Solvay®’s AMNI Soul Eco® yarn, the world’s first biodegradable nylon yarn. All fabrics used in this line present UV50+ protection.

In our collections, we look for the use of organic materials, in order to eliminate the use of bovine leather in finishes, focusing instead on the reuse of materials and the reduction of waste. We believe that conscious consumption is based on the principle that “to buy less is to buy better” and based on this policy we have developed pieces with personality and very high quality, which go together with the lifestyle we defend: fashion in harmony with the environment.


They have a soft touch, a fashion look and are characterized by the “easy-care” concept: easy to wash and quick to dry, consuming less energy and time. By working only with approved fabrics, our products are guaranteed to last longer, over the time and after repeated washing.


Our lining is 100% polyamide, providing a soft touch. In addition, it presents antibacterial properties, which promote comfort.


The pads we use receive waterproofing treatment in their composition – as a result, they do not soak! Because they are made with material of greater durability, they also do not easily dissolve or “crack” on their surface.

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