About Us


Oshun was founded by two childhood friends who love the beach and believe that Brazilian fashion is too beautiful, fresh, cheerful and tropical to stay only in Brazil. That’s why Oshun Beachwear was born as a multi-brand e-commerce that offers beachwear throughout Europe, with carefully selected articles for our European customers.

We believe that fashion can go hand in hand with sustainability. For this reason, we work with ecological materials that respect the planet and the environment – which is why some of our products have a decomposition time of only 3 years.

Our goal is to deliver high quality fashion, with sophisticated design and according to the standards of sustainable practices.


Anne Della Costa

Chief Financial Officer

Anne is Italian-Brazilian and represents Oshun Beachwear in Brazil. Known for her great taste and style, she has as her childhood nickname “Queen” – a very well-deserved title with refinement that she still carries (written by Juliana!). Anne is also responsible for financial management and contact with our Brazilian suppliers.

Juliana Gruber

Chief Executive Officer

Juliana is German-Brazilian and has an MBA in Luxury Business obtained in Paris. After spending the last 5 years in the bohemian “city of lights”, she moved to the Portuguese capital to launch Oshun Beachwear. With her head in the clouds, Juliana is responsible for marketing and communication and is always available for a drink in Lisbon. Don’t hesitate to invite her!

What do we
have in common?

We are passionate about the beach, about Brazil and we love the multicultural identity of the Brazilian people. To celebrate this plurality of races that is simultaneously the greatest richness of Brazil, we launched Oshun Beachwear!

Our goal is to translate the beauty that comes from this mixture in each piece we deliver, believing that each one tells its own story, which makes it unique and special.

Oshun is an orixá, a deity of the Ifá and Yoribá religion, originally from the African continent and still present in some regions of Brazil. She is the goddess of rivers and fresh waters and represents beauty, love and wealth. Her power, strength and femininity personify and represent the Oshun woman.


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